Bogota Botanical Garden

Bogota Botanical Garden
Bogota’s Botanical Garden opened its doors in 1955,
in honor of José Celestino Mutis, great Spanish naturalist,
astronomer and mathematician (1732).
Its more than 19 hectares of plants and flowers focus
essentially on the Andean Ecosystem and the Colombian “Páramo“.

Bogota may seem chaotic, with almost 8 million inhabitants and a very hectic pace. This is the main reason the José Celestino Mutis Botanical Garden can be considered a safe haven in the middle of the metropolis. It is by far one of my favorite places in town to recharge and connect with nature while discovering the diverse Colombian flora.

The Garden is organized by spaces representing the different Colombian ecosystems. Visitors can walk freely in the park and a full tour shouldn’t take more than 2 hours (or a whole day if you really love nature). I’d recommend combining a visit of the Botanical Garden along with a walk in the adjacent Simon Bolivar Park (Bogota’s Central Park).

José Celestino Mutis

Born in 1732 in Cadiz (Spain), José Celestino Mutis was the doctor and naturalist who lead the Royal Botanical Expedition to New Granada (currently Colombia). His journey started in 1783 and lasted 30 years, during which he collected more than 20.000 plant species and 7.000 animals. He died in 1808 in Bogota. The Botanical Garden was named after him as a tribute to this great scientist and explorer.

Map of the Garden



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Find more info (opening times, entrance fees) on the Bogota Botanical Garden’s website



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