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Playa Bonita, Palomino

Halfway between Santa Marta and Riohacha lies the small town of Palomino and the fabulous hotel Playa Bonita.
A real paradise for nature lovers looking for a peaceful place to rest.

I had the chance to stay at Hotel Playa Bonita a few years back and it was one of the most beautiful places I have seen in my life. The villas / bungalows are really comfortable and the local cuisine is amazing. Grilled fish, coconut rice and delicious natural juices are optional, but highly recommended.

Different accommodation options are available. The bungalows are a perfect choice for couples, but the villas can welcome up to 4 people. Beds are super comfy and the roofless bathroom is really nice. I actually felt like taking my morning shower in the middle of a tropical forest! No worries, no one can see you though. If you’re planning to stay at Playa Bonita, don’t book it at the last minute, as it’s a very popular place among Colombians.


How to get there?


The best way to get to Playa Bonita is to take a cab from Santa Marta. The journey should take 90 minutes and cost around 60.000 pesos (about 20 dollars). You will see the entrance of the Tayrona National park on your left. This is another of my favorite places. Check the post here.


Here’s a short slideshow produced by the hotel, to get an idea of the facilities.


One last bit of advice. If you’re looking for a snorkeling spot, this is not the place, as the water is not suitable for that. I’d recommend going to Baru or Rosario Islands, where you can really enjoy underwater exploration.


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